Blood and flesh

I am at ease with my obsessions. A good night’s sleep is a blessing. To reach destination and to acquire knowledge do not seem impossible in this chilly morning of June. I wish I could rest more and go earlier to bed. Mornings are incredibly beautiful and fruitful. Words come more easily and they are fresher, simpler and lovelier. They caress my senses gently as no other experience or pleasure does. They pamper my exhausted mind and take me to a place where nothing matters; then peace and awareness have room and the here and now rule time. Only the present and the silly sensations of daily tasks inspire me confidence. There is such a beauty and quiet in small things that it is hard to understand our constant search of unreality and upheaval. We do not feel good enough in calm, so we look for extravagant purposes when everyday life is itself extravagant and full of emotions. We despise the delights of routine in order to embrace ridiculous missions which only sow anxieties and frustrations in our souls. Material existence commands thoughts and efforts and there is almost nothing left to spirituality. Blood and flesh come first, spirit is consigned to oblivion as an annoying guest. Gloomy and weird.


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