Restless nights give me headache, unbearable mood and anxiety. My mind accelerates so much that wanders from one worry to another, a frenzy of activity that extenautes body and soul. Fixing my thoughts on one little thing or enjoying the pleasures of living become unattainable accomplishments while simple chores turn into heroic deeds. Last Saturday after a terrible night and a shower of bad news, I decided to attend mass in the village. To my amazement, all readings spoke of trust and miracles. I left the church peaceful. Little by little, joy spread around me like a blissful plague, everything it touched turned into golden happiness and no burdens weighed on my mind. I could focus on cleaning the bathroom and watching a film. The evening was very pleasant and calm after all.

Although I hold a bunch of dreams, I only aspire to appreciate the good things of life without care, without anxiety, with gratitude and confidence. My daily journey will be always impeded by hundreds of obstacles, but I decide if fears command or not my thoughts no matter they run me close. Liberty and choice are quite a relief as well as sleep and faith are the best cure for stress and pessimism.


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