On my way to library, I saw a group of leaves whirling gently. I stopped and watched its dance with amazement. I felt a kind of movement inside, gratitude was dancing in my soul, touching every little corner, enlightening myself. There was a brief and crispy sound like the strike of a match that made me listen to my inner self, to my own sounds, to my own silence. A dark room was suddenly lit and while eyes were getting used to light, things started to take shape; figures had splendid lines despite simplicity. Beauty was waltzing around me and caressing my senses. My mind was filled with pleasant thoughts and dreams were more real than ever, they swung in the windy morning with elegance and easiness. Nothing could stop them. Nothing. Peace and joy overcame me. Now, while typing these words, I only feel gratitude in spite of suffering, in spite of pain. I am grateful for who I was, for who I am and for who I will be. Fall has a soothing effect on me.


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