The sound of my neighbour’s alarm bell is so powerful that invades my ears and my mind and when it rings for too long, as it did yesterday, I cannot even think. Everything becomes a blur then. I have been suffering from this insane noise for the last years, at noon and at night. Yesterday, I talked about it to my neignbour’s son. He was upset and vented his anger on me. I tried to be kind, gentle and finally he surrendered and apologized. I had not seen his face so closely for a couple of years. His gaze was full of sadness and dissapointment. He is only in his mid-twenties, yet his unhappy blue eyes were desolated as if his soul would have been emptied by obscure forces that just left the remains of who he was once. Back at home, I could not stop thinking of him. What could have happened to this promising and charming boy to have the appareance of being an old and exhausted man deprived of dreams? He might have sunk himself into sorrow and regret as I did when I was as young as he is now, when I was already the woman I wanted to be but I was not aware of it. After long years of drifting, I have a sparkle in my eyes and a smile on my face because I am just who I am, nothing else but me. I have very little money and go through ups and downs, yet I am still happy and my backpack is full of hopes. I know that my dreams will be fullfilled no matter how difficult life seems. I have set a goal for myself and nothing will stop me. I wish this young man’ eyes would sparkle with happiness one day.


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