Writing here is a beautiful miracle I can work any time I want. I am self-taught in English and words do not come to me as easily as they do in Spanish. Yet, I can treat myself to unknown words and sounds as I do to music or to a walk in the country. I love how they fly out from some secret chamber of my mind, from a place where nothing really matters, where pleasant thoughts swirl around like butterflies whispering names only heard before in dreams. It is a sort of Neverland: no impositions, no obligations, no formalities…, just sun baths, splashes and long naps under trees in blossom full of fragrant petals. Could be life be like this? I guess it could, it is only a matter of enjoying every little moment, every little task and attending to its sensations instead of brooding on the unfairness of life, on the hurts of the past or on the unreal pains of the future. Life only takes place once, even if Tinker Bell sometimes mocks at me.


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