Blue Jasmine

I have been surrounded by oppressive clouds for two long and unbearable days. Lately, I have been working too much, trying to handle too many projects and facing countless disappointments. I finally collapsed on Friday, I could not stand the pressure anymore. I even despaired of ever regaining my sanity. I did not know how to stop the suffering, how to get myself straight again, how to get rid of anguish and fear. To make things worse, I went to the movies to see «Blue Jasmine», the last Woody Allen’s film. I identified with Cate Blanchett’s character. I left the theatre devastated. Everything around me was dark, ugly and wretched  and my recent accomplishments were like remote shadows. Yesterday, I tried to take a walk but the weather was atrocious and the wind even beat me. This morning I went to mass; I prayed, cried and lit a candle. Instead of coming home, I went to the pool. I was feeling much better and the swimming did the rest. Tomorrow, I will go back to work, but I will also slow down. Learning to live, as usual.



  1. Acojonantemente he entendido bastante del texto, estoy mejorando mi inglés cosa fina, podría haber intentado comentar en inglés, pero es que no sé como se dice “acojonantemente” 😀

    En cualquier caso creo que muchos podrían identificarse con el personaje de Cate hoy en día, no desfallezcas y a seguir peleando, es lo que nos queda.

    Besos solidarios.

  2. Mi inglés es muy sencillito, Dess, muy poquita cosa.

    Gracias por los ánimos. Aquí, como verás, hay poco lectores y pocos “comentaristas”.

    Un abrazo, guapetón.

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