To the full

It has been a very windy and cold day. I did not have the courage to take a walk or to drive to the swimming pool. Instead, I have stayed at home and worked on the lecture I will give next Wednesday. I think I have done a good job, but I can only answer for my written words, not for my speech. I hope not to make a fool of myself, not to be so overwhelmed that I become incapable of saying a single word. Anyway, I do not allow myself to think of it for more than a two or three minutes. I cannot waste either my time  or my energy on unlikely predictions. So I have decided to work and stop fussing about with my thoughts and fears. There are plenty of things to look after and my strenght is not unlimited. I live here and now, and that it is enough to me, quite enough. I also try to live every hour to the full while my hand and my spirit find occupation. There is so much work to do that I have neglected my home. While I was taking a break in front of TV, I only saw a messy and dusty room. I am absorbed in a few projects and cleaning the house would mean to postpone them, to steal my vitality from them. Never felt so tired before. Never felt so happy either.



  1. “I live here and now, and that it is enough to me”

    Es al menos un gran primer paso, por cierto, el video no se ve, yo al menos no lo veo.

    A lot of kisses. 🙂

  2. Nada, ahora si que se ve, ni caso.

  3. No deja de ser gracioso que seas mi único “comentarista”. 🙂 Un abrazo.

  4. Tiene su lógica, tu inglés es asequible para mí y llevo años y años intentando aprender inglés sin demasiado éxito, es decir, lo entiendo al leerlo más o menos, pero ahí quedo 😀

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