Batty and happy

I have talked on the phone to my aunt for more than an hour. She is quite talkative and she spends too much time alone. I have not really got to know her until last summer. We took some walks together and had long conversations. She did the talking and I listened to her, to her frustrations, to her childhood pains, to her lost dreams. I was amazed at her suffering and I felt so much love for her. She hardly sleeps and spends the whole night watching TV, playing solitaires and surfing the Internet. She suffers from ADHD but she does not know it and she is not interested in it. She is fed up with judgments, because nobody makes a real effort to understand her. We have a lot in common and we both are taken for batty women. And, I cannot help smiling at it. I do not mind being batty anymore. I am very creative and funny. I am capable of writing books in spite of my deficit disorder. A sort of miracle, I think. My writing is pretty intense because I live to the fullest and go to one extreme to the other. Sometimes a middle way seems like science fiction to me. When troubles plague me or too many positive emotions fill my mind, I cannot sleep and no medication works on me. Then life becomes a nightmare. However, I always find the way of making up with myself, to look at life in a positive way, to be grateful for what I have. You can be happy and batty at the same time.


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