Forgotten pleasures

First sunny day in weeks, first restful sleep since 2014 settled down. A good night’s sleep makes you look at life in a positive way and helps to get rid of absurd fears. I still cannot focus on reading, my head seems a little bit disoriented; it might take time to concentrate on it and I must accept it without complains, without getting mad at myself. I should show more tenderness towards my flaws. It makes no sense to punish myself for being incapable of resting, writing or reading. It makes no sense at all. I still do not know on which manuscript I will work next. I have got a couple of projects in mind, but I have to make a choice. I guess I am expecting a sign that enlightens a secret path somewhere, a magic path that takes me again to Neverland, to a land of beauty and silence. Only in quietude can my soul absorb the meaning and shape words. Only in quietude can my soul be opened into the mystery of life and perceive the scent of those mossy alleys that will lead me to a happy and green land.  I just want to feel again the joy of seeking new worlds, the warm glow of spending my hours in sweet harmony. I might  step into forgotten pleasures sooner than I think, even if I still feel the weight of sadness.


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