Truth and Trust

I have learned so much about people and life during the last past weeks that I am exhausted from digesting information. It is hard to find friends when life turns you down. It is okay, it is okay. I am at peace, despite adversity. I have lost weight because cold has worn me out, but my face radiates serenity. If you decide to be happy, you become happy no matter how life treats you, no matter how others ignore you. I am powerful enough to shape my fate and my emotions. It is great to feel this way, to be in charge of my life regardless of what happens to me. It is easier to blame conditions. Yet, if I do it, I will always find a reason to be unhappy, to let things upset me. Once you understand it, you accept it. Without accepting life, bitterness arrives and stays with us as a faithful companion. Happiness is a choice and has to do with truth and trust. Trusting in life, in hope, in soul is a good beginning. Life is wiser and knows more than I do.



  1. Melissa

    You are not alone, Nuria. I understand very well what it is like to feel neglected & ignored, betrayed or disappointed by the behavior of others. I take each experience as a lesson on how not to treat people, & of learning more about myself. Then, I move on. We give ourselves the power to decide how these things will affect us, & how to proceed. I am glad to see you are making the decision to search for hope & happiness in your situation. It is much better than wallowing in the bitterness which inevitably accompanies relationships & life. How would we know what is sweet, if not for the bitter?

  2. Great to have you here, Melissa. I have not had Internet conecction for two days… To move on is the best thing to do. Always. Thank U for visiting my English blog. Stay well.

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