Tears and laughter

I left my house ten days ago. It feels like a month, like an eternal and painful month. Only God knows what I have been through during these unbearable weeks. I hardly sleep and I find difficult to work here. Not having an Internet connection is a great inconvenience too. I easily adjust to new places, even to new countries, but I do not feel at home in this place. Yet, I have no choice but staying. I just hope things become easier, just a little bit easier. So far, in spite of my hostess’ kindness, I have just felt miserable. Exhaustion is my worst enemy and takes me to despair twice a day. After a feeling of total desperation, I always find the way of looking at life in a positive way. This exercise prevents me from collapsing, from depression but wears me out. Trusting in life, in God is the key. Laughing is also a good way of facing frustration. Sometimes, I laugh. Sometimes, I cry. It is okay; I need to shed tears and I need to roar with laughter too.


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