As a symphony

Birds have been singing all day and its joyful sounds have filled this sunny and warm day. The closeness of spring always cherishes hopes of a fresher life, of new scents, of mimosa and flowering almond trees. My mind and my body have not worked in unison, despite my desire of writing a conference. I always find pleasure in this sort of texts, words usually slide smoothly while my fingers type intently. Yet, I had to postpone it. My back and neck hurt too much to work in front of my computer; this bed kills me every single night, but I will not complain. I am feeling better because I am learning to accept this place. It is still dirt, but it does not bother me as it used to. It is not pleasant, but since I have no choice, acceptance is the best solution. While I was planning my day, I have been dreaming dreams of youth, of hope, of glee.  Dreaming and living have created consonance and I have seen myself setting out on the paths of a new and blissful land, on the paths of poetry. Life can be as beautiful and harmonic as a symphony.

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