Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Bright and dark

Cloudy skies and flashy greens. Lilacs are fading and roses are ready to show their beauty. Here I am, more rested and peaceful. Still a tinge of shadow darkens my mind. It is just fear, nothing else. I must ignore it, I must. Otherwise, it will rule my life and destroy my hopes. I must attach myself …


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Sprightly new life

Lilacs are all in bloom and its scent fills my house. It has been a glorious, but tedious day. It might be loneliness, it might be helplessness, it might be pain. Holy Week has intensified my suffering and my bunch of frustrations hurt more. I remember when I was lost in the shine of eternity, when everything gave me joy, when …

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When I want to feast my eyes, I look at Castile plains, at the flat and endless lands under hard-blue skies. Then I see the shine of eternity, the glittering of light and goodness. Then I feel its sweet breeze and the softness of its gauzy shape. Spent my day outdoors listening to silence, listening …

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