Bright and dark

Cloudy skies and flashy greens. Lilacs are fading and roses are ready to show their beauty. Here I am, more rested and peaceful. Still a tinge of shadow darkens my mind. It is just fear, nothing else. I must ignore it, I must. Otherwise, it will rule my life and destroy my hopes. I must attach myself to perseverance despite results. It is like keeping quiet until you are asked to speak no matter how ardently you desire to express yourself, to declare your principles, to make an announcement. I am quite jumpy, so repressing myself can be painful. I am anything but of a model of prudence and wisdom, and once I take a thing into my head, it is hard to let it go. It is passion, but it is obstinacy too. I should not squander my strength on unlikely victories, but it is also a way of embellishing every little moment. It can be cold, but I can choose between bright or dark cold. Light is fading, but green is yet flashy.


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