I tried to read in the garden beneath the shadow of a tree, under my old cotton hat, but it was too hot, too humid. Yet, the rays of a newly risen hope were sorrounding me, even if I chose to remain indoors. Wafts of roses blew toward to me from time to time, remindining me of beauty and the privilege of enjoying a country life, a slow and noiseless contemplation of what really matters. The touch of that magic wand released me from the constraints of fears and concerns, from grizzled days. Its soft caress revealed to me a path of sparkles and colors. Faith always brings hope and beauty, transforming misfortune into chances for growth of wisdom and patience. Beauty is never afraid of time, death or pain. Beauty frees me from terrestrial burdens, of all those little worries that bind me to anxiety, rankling my mind and soul like poison. Liberty is fun, light and silent. Liberty dignifies me, making my movements sluggish and elegant.



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