August is a lazy month. Nothing really happens, but life keeps on going. I used to spend August swiming, naping and reading. Now it seems the right time to make decisions, finding answers and reasons. I have been drown in fears, doubts and concerns. I have suffered from insomnia and loss of hair. I have decided not to give the last of my strength to illusions but to facts. Whenever I stop living in the here and now, anguish and anxiety pay me a visit and stay with me for a while. No more, no more. You can have dreams and live in the real world at the same time. Running away from truth means missing life, its little and beautiful details. Building castles in the clouds can be a dangerous passtime, since realities achieved do not seem strong enough to equal delusions. Fantasy has nothing to do with hope because hopes are always young, dispel fears and give life a bright atmosphere. One more time, I leave gloomy shadows behind and embrace what I really are. It is not so bad.


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