Monthly Archives: December, 2014

A Room of My Own

For first time in years I am enjoying Christmas. It is neither painful nor lonesome nor a disquieting time, but a perfect blend of magic, warmth and peace. One of the best gifts of this year has been my ministudio. I moved here on November 15, when my former life was over and a new one …


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I have finally started to feel this place as my own. My old house keeps popping up in my dreams; sometimes the bad dreams plunge me in panic, and fear and frost often wake me up in the nighttime. A couple of friends brought me from my storage a blender, a beautiful crèche and a winter quilt. Temperatures have dropped and …

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I am still sad and some days I am not strong enough to leave my bed. It is too complicated to live in this tiny studio where every little movement requires thought and organization. Just making my bed or doing the dishes makes me stressful. So far the laundry is the worst chore. There is neither clothesline …

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