I have finally started to feel this place as my own. My old house keeps popping up in my dreams; sometimes the bad dreams plunge me in panic, and fear and frost often wake me up in the nighttime. A couple of friends brought me from my storage a blender, a beautiful crèche and a winter quilt. Temperatures have dropped and nights are cold. After inquiring, I have found the way to heat the studio; neither cheap nor as expensive as I had thought. This morning, while listening to Albeniz’s music and tidying up the apartment, I felt serenity for first time since I moved here. There was even sweetness in the air of this teeny room where bed and kitchen live like lovers, always close one to another; nothing better than proximity to valentines. I was cast out from my home and unprovided for a new life. Somehow things are coming into order. This harmony was already within myself despite my despair and unawareness, everything I needed was with me and in me. Life seems brighter even if shadows still dance in the moonless cold. Strength always comes back to brave the storm. Time will heal my wounds and mollify the pain of my recent loss.


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