I have lately spent too much time in the Emergency Room of a close hospital. I have been suffering from two consecutive bronchial infections and several contusions caused by a silly fall. Sidewalks and stairs become ice-skating rinks on foggy days, and fog has been a devoted and faithful companion since winter settled down. Sickness makes me regard things more shadowy and menacing. 2014 was the worst year of my life without a doubt. 2015 has not had a good start either. When grieve overtakes you for a very long time, vision blurs and even conduct lapses. Some people do not ever recover from hardships if they are too extreme. Mines have been incredibly severe. Living with destituion for two long years has not been a pleasant experience. I will never forget what I have been through. Never. I had always had a weakness for beggars and vagrants. Now they own the best room of my inner house, the most spacious, sunny and cozy. Despite misfortune, my hopes and strength have been miraculously restored. There is still a long way of obstacles and defeats ahead, but life has a lot to offer me even if sometimes cheats me with shadows.


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