Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday always means the beginning of a hopeful and joyful life. Nothing can obscure the dazzling horizon ahead of me, since life, regardless of difficulties, is beauty and truth. Lately, I have been thinking of all my blessings and I can only feel gratitude. Instead of complaining about my troubles, I have been trying to turn them into opportunities, into thrilling challenges where to put my heart and my soul into. I might not succeed at it, but meanwhile I am having a splendid time. You can learn more from disasters than from prosperous times. When anguish is an annoying guest, when everything seems wrong, we tend to ask the same question: “why me?” If we hold to the wrong question, we will get the wrong answer too. Now, instead of using “why me?” as an excuse from my duty of being happy, I reflect on my supposed defeats and look for a more reasonable explanation. Nothing happens for no reason. Every little thing wants to whisper in my ear soft words just to lead me to the path I need to choose to become who I am supposed to be, to do what I always dreamed of. I had seen that path before, but I avoided it on account of my fears. I probably did not have the courage to be happy then. Bliss floods my soul because one day I decided to make a few decisions to grasp my life and left shadows behind.



  1. Lovely to read and lovely to see the transformation in you! Great and exciting Keep it up

    much love and hugs deryck xxx

  2. What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Believe or not, I have been recently thinking of you. Un fuerte abrazo.

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