I have miraculously survived the heat wave that has been smashing all-time records. Living and working in my ministudio with thirty degrees has been a sort of adventure. Temperatures are much milder but will increase soon, so I am trying to work as much as possible for I might have to slow down when oppression corners me again like an irate bull. I am not a summer person. And when fields turn to yellowish, I miss the greenness of spring, the breezes, the rain. July is usually a trying month, August is more bearable and September is one of my favorite time of the year for you still feel the laziness of summer, but also the push of the new course, the spark of new projects and desirable intents. Before summertime ends, I intend to shape the first draft of my new book. On account of doubts, fears and setbacks, I had been delaying the writing of my third book. Procrastination only gives me headaches. Working at a slow pace is always better than not working at all. I need more organization and to commit myself to several hours of daily work no matter if circumstances are benevolent or malevolent. More of all, work is the best therapy and there is no better way to overcome doleful events than painting pictures with words.


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