February, my next book

After several weeks of douts and fears, I have finally launched a campaign to fund my new book, «February». I was scared to regard this project, for a memoir always means trouble, especially if you write it in a foreign language. I have been trying to put it down in Spanish without success. English gives me more freedom and creates a magic atmosphere crammed with beautiful sounds and strong images that descry my inner soul with extraordinary precision. The heavenly sonority of a foreign language helps to tell the pains and cruelties that also fill life more easily, thus sorrows flow from my keabord as if they were blissful joys. English words are like the whispers of trees that glide over my ears on crisp mornings; English words caress my senses as only summer breezes do.

Given that my connections are mostly Spanish, I am having trouble to reach English readers. Yet, I have not lost my hopes. I still trust in this crazy project for it represents the achievement of my repressed desires, the fulfillment of all my ambitions. «February» is a story about of the complexities of life that also catches the gleam of simplicity and the beauty of everyday. And you can preorder it now


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