Luminous Prospects

Decisions are always scary even if they often take me to much safer places for the mere act of choosing, among the endless list of possibilities, carries with it a dose of energy that enhances fortitude. Strength does no leave me when hard times pester me, when a long string of frustrations shadows my hopes. Their dreadful effects last just a few hours, but I decide to give them power or to diminish them to specks of dust; ignored and abandoned to their fate, they have no choice but flying away with their lethal load of fear and negativism. I do not allow anguish to lounge in my soul; once settled down, a fortress of misery and terror would be framed to deprive me of hope. If negative emotions are permitted to find a cozy corner, they enclose the land of opportunities and suffocate all glimmers of light. Long ago I opted for lucent horizons and nothing is going to fade them out. Nothing at all. I have confidence in me and in life; everyday never lets dreamers down, but enliven my luminous prospects.



  1. Colin

    i enjoyed your writing. Muy bien

  2. Thank you, Colin!!! I will try to update this blog more often.

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