I am a Spanish writer who loves English. Hopefully, a blog will oblige me to think and write in this beautiful language regurlarly and will improve my rusty English. I leave some links of my Spanish writings in case you are interested: my web page and my Spanish blog.You can also write me to mywritinginenglish@gmail.com and visit my Facebook official page and my Twitter profile.




  1. I am currently studying Spanish at university. I think Spanish is a very beautiful language; I love listening to native Spanish speakers. 🙂

  2. It is, indeed. Grammar is a little bit difficult, but we read in the same way we write. :). I love listening to native English speakers too.

  3. I Speak english very cojonudamente too, as you can observar.

    Talking of observar, i observo one beatiful woman to garabateando a book in the photo, i dont konw you de nada, but you debes to be a famous writer o something así.

    A lot of kisses mi dear.

  4. What a surprise, Dess!! How did you find me, sweetheart?

    • By the forum of support 😀 but you tranqui, I`ll to callar the secret 🙂

      • No secret at all, Dess.

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