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Forgotten pleasures

First sunny day in weeks, first restful sleep since 2014 settled down. A good night’s sleep makes you look at life in a positive way and helps to get rid of absurd fears. I still cannot focus on reading, my head seems a little bit disoriented; it might take time to concentrate on it and …


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Batty and happy

I have talked on the phone to my aunt for more than an hour. She is quite talkative and she spends too much time alone. I have not really got to know her until last summer. We took some walks together and had long conversations. She did the talking and I listened to her, to …

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Blue Jasmine

I have been surrounded by oppressive clouds for two long and unbearable days. Lately, I have been working too much, trying to handle too many projects and facing countless disappointments. I finally collapsed on Friday, I could not stand the pressure anymore. I even despaired of ever regaining my sanity. I did not know how to stop …

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Restless nights give me headache, unbearable mood and anxiety. My mind accelerates so much that wanders from one worry to another, a frenzy of activity that extenautes body and soul. Fixing my thoughts on one little thing or enjoying the pleasures of living become unattainable accomplishments while simple chores turn into heroic deeds. Last Saturday …

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I did not sleep last night, too much agitation. I lied down on the sofa with doors and windows opened to expel cold from the house I call home even if it is not. It has been a bitterly cold winter until May and today has been almost like summer. Sweet music has touched my …

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Blood and flesh

I am at ease with my obsessions. A good night’s sleep is a blessing. To reach destination and to acquire knowledge do not seem impossible in this chilly morning of June. I wish I could rest more and go earlier to bed. Mornings are incredibly beautiful and fruitful. Words come more easily and they are …

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