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Lately, I have been suffering all kind of adversities. Aside from my financial difficulties, some members of my family have been attacking me so fiercely and tenaciously that I could hardly breathe. The reason for their unwise obstinacy was the simple fact that I was not conducting myself according to their views. At first, their threats and insults filled me with …


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I am still sad and some days I am not strong enough to leave my bed. It is too complicated to live in this tiny studio where every little movement requires thought and organization. Just making my bed or doing the dishes makes me stressful. So far the laundry is the worst chore. There is neither clothesline …

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Helpless and hopeful

My parents shall soon arrive to spend August and the early days of September. My first reaction to this news was panic and in a few seconds I became so tense that my neck and my back throbbed in agony. Ten minutes later, unbearable pain descended – leaving me unable to walk. I dislike their company and the mere mention of …

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Christmas is a tough time and it usually takes me weeks to pull myself together. So, here I am dealing with pain, with coolness, with despise. I spent Christmas Eve at a friend’s house, an unexpected surprise. Her home was full of joy and love. I felt good and grateful. But today, while confronting my …

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