No crushing defeats

There are only thirteen days left to preorder «February», my next book. I had done everything to find supporters for this crazy project. After many sleepless nights, I am muffled in peaceful musings. I trust in this book no matter if people back me or not. I know I am on the right track and nothing will prevent me from giving up since I had learnt that nothing makes sense but writing. I must write and write and write because writing is my way of surviving, my way of living. Words chose me once and I had to listen to them, despite my reluctant efforts. I had concealed my feelings for long and dreadful years. No more, no more. Life is exuberant and needs my voice to spread the news; the dreams and hopes hidden out of fear, failure and rejection are now frisky and unmanageable. Refusals and frustrations have no longer power over me. Dismissing consternation is feasible and easier than I ever had thought. It is just a matter of being me, of showing who I am without hesitations; it is also a matter of embracing life and all emotions pertaining existence. How wonderful it is to discover how easily living can be handled with simplicity, enthusiasm and a batch of well-wishes. Hope leaves nihilism behind; hopeful views bring forth joyful hours and make the present thrilling for future does no longer matter, for we are not in thrall to the coming times, for we are at last free. I had learnt that there are no crushing defeats.



  1. We are at last free, this line ❤
    Happy to connect. Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 😊

  2. Thank you. I will!!!

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