Monthly Archives: February, 2014


I have been trying to accept my destiny, but I cannot stand this filthy apartment anymore. Since I left my house, I have been dealing with unbearable dirt. I feel pretty grim. In spite of low temperatures, I try to spend most time outside, far away from this dreadful place. When I go to a …


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Always room

Sometimes a bunch of frustrations take you to the right place, where you should have always been. Sometimes reaching destiny means going through dreadful roads, the kind of reality you will never forget, the kind of experience you need to leave everything behind. Strength comes from weird sources, indeed. Lately, I have been facing one …

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Tears and laughter

I left my house ten days ago. It feels like a month, like an eternal and painful month. Only God knows what I have been through during these unbearable weeks. I hardly sleep and I find difficult to work here. Not having an Internet connection is a great inconvenience too. I easily adjust to new …

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