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Blue Jasmine

I have been surrounded by oppressive clouds for two long and unbearable days. Lately, I have been working too much, trying to handle too many projects and facing countless disappointments. I finally collapsed on Friday, I could not stand the pressure anymore. I even despaired of ever regaining my sanity. I did not know how to stop …


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Dreamy girl

Rain is back. Most people hate this weather, but me. I love sunny days in winter, but choose humid and cold days in summer.  It is nice not to postpone my daily walk until evening and to wear socks and sweaters instead of blisters and suffocations.As soon as I woke up, I opened the window …

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Restless nights give me headache, unbearable mood and anxiety. My mind accelerates so much that wanders from one worry to another, a frenzy of activity that extenautes body and soul. Fixing my thoughts on one little thing or enjoying the pleasures of living become unattainable accomplishments while simple chores turn into heroic deeds. Last Saturday …

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